Pallet Trucks

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  • EPT20-18EHJ

    With European health and safety regulations getting tighter, the need for electric hand pallet trucks in exchange for manual trucks is growing. EP Equipment have developed the EPT20-18 EHJ on the basis of a strong HPT chassis to ensure durability in combination with its proven electric drive unit and a robust manual pump (lifting + lowering). This semi electric truck has already improved the ergonomics in thousands of companies around the world.



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  • EPT12-EZ

    With the completely new, 12EZ powered pallet truck EP have managed to reinvent a product used by millions of people around the world, everyday: the hand pallet truck.

    It is time to go electric. It is time to go 12EZ. Because it is simply working.

    With its powerful Lithium Ion power supply this pallet lifter is easy to charge and always available.

    The 12EZ electric pallet truck can run up to 3 hours on one charge.

    With an internal charger it’s as simple as plug in and plug out.

    With only 120kg self-weight and a capacity to lift up to 1200kg the all new electric pallet truck 12EZ is optimized for use on a lorry.

    Innovative integrated modular design is convenient for parts installation and maintenance, which makes the vehicle the same size as a manual pallet truck.


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  • EPT20-15ET2

    The EPT20-15ET2 is small in size with lots of power. Innovative patents ensure powerful performance, high stability, long service life and easy operation. It is a reliable partner to enhance production efficiency.



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  • EPT20-15ET


    The EPT20-15ET from EP equipment is the original solution for light duty pallet handling. With over 25,000 units sold worldwide it is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment.



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  • EPT16-ET

    The EPT16-ET is designed to cope with complex environments, it’s EP’s new star which has 48V super power, Ideal out-door solution, longer run time.

    The EPT16-ET can manoeuvre through narrow aisle with its 1465mm turning radius and isn’t limited by floor type and harsh environments.

    Easy Maintenance – Inner components can be accessed through one single step of opening the upper cover, greatly reducing the maintenance time.

    Easy to change drive wheel

    Cable Rewinders – Automatic winding function to facilitate the power cable storage and save time.



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